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Bar looking for group of 4 who left without paying $275 bill

This article is more than 12 months old

A bar along Prinsep Street is looking for a group of four customers who left behind their clothes, belongings and a $275 bill on Saturday night (April 8).

SMOObar posted about the incident on its Facebook page on Sunday, appealing for help in locating the group and getting them to settle the outstanding bill.

The group of four had arrived at the bar separately between 8.10pm and 8.20pm, then left separately at 10.53pm, 10.57pm and 10.58pm after finishing their drinks, said the post.

According to SMOObar, staff asked the group for payment and "they requested (us) to leave the receipt on their table".

However, the customers left without footing the bill. They also left behind a cloth bag, clothes and Monster XKT08 earphones at their table.

SMOObar said it is choosing to give the customers the benefit of the doubt and thinking of it as an honest mistake.

The bar wrote in its post: "We chose the word ACCIDENTAL as we believe the customers might have forgotten about their bill despite us giving them the receipt, and customer service has always been the top priority for us.

"The bill amount is $275, which is not a small amount, neither a huge sum. However, as business costs are rising, with rental and stock payments increasing, this amount is SIGNIFICANT for us as an F&B establishment.

"We have always given customers the benefit of doubt and hold the bill and bill only when customers leave. This post is NOT TO SHAME anyone, but just to find out from the parties involved in outstanding bill."

An employee known as Mr Chen told Shin Min Daily News that upon learning about the incident, staff managed to obtain the group's contact details through another table of drinkers.

Mr Chen added: "When we spoke to one of them, he said he thought that his friend had already paid the bill. He said he would come back to settle the bill after checking with his friend."

As of Tuesday (April 11), no one has shown up and the bill remains unpaid.

Mr Chen said that this is the first time he has encountered such a situation and will take measures to prevent it from happening again. Customers will now have to make payment upon ordering.

He lamented: "The F&B industry is not easy. Rent and capital costs have all risen. $275 is not a small sum and I hope it can be recovered. If not, we may call the police."

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