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Couple gets wedding on the house with creative dance proposal

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Having a wedding in Singapore is a pricey affair. So one couple decided to get creative with their marriage proposal in order to get their big day all paid for.

Titus Lim and his partner Esther Tang emerged as winners of the Hilton Winning Marriage Proposal contest organised by Hilton Singapore Orchard, winning a free 15-table wedding lunch banquet worth $19,320, the hotel announced on Dec 3. 

The wedding banquet will be hosted at the newly renovated hotel slated to open in March 2022. 

To participate in the competition, couples had to submit a video of their marriage proposals. Titus emerged tops thanks to his well-choreographed dance number to the BTS hit song Dynamite. 

Titus went the extra mile by shooting it at numerous locations across Singapore and even involved other dancers.

He also weaved together video messages from friends and family, and presented Esther with a bouquet of… chicken nuggets. Hmm. 

You can watch the video below. (The dance sequence begins at the 9 min, 11 sec mark). 

There were other notable entries as well. 

One man proposed to his partner, Instagram user Mabeleemay, with a dance. But instead of performing for her, he tricked her into dancing for her own proposal by telling her they were preparing for a virtual performance. 

Then there was also an entry by Pfth_90, who went with a Korean-theme proposal for his K-drama-obsessed girlfriend, Isabel Ng. 

The entire set-up involved his friends, family, and even his dog – as the ring bearer. Making sure he would stand out, he booked a large screen outside Wisma Atria to play his confession video. Pretty epic.