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Delivery man throws parcel, taunts customer to complain

This article is more than 12 months old

We've all experienced horrid delivery service but not many of us would have been challenged to lodge a complaint by the delivery guy himself.

But a woman went through this scenario with a delivery man from Qxpress who not only threw her parcel on the floor, but snapped when confronted.

In a video uploaded on Complaint Singapore's YouTube page on June 12, a woman is seen opening her door for the delivery man after he rings the doorbell.

The man asks the woman to take her parcel. She asks that he bring the parcel in for her. 

But he picks up the parcel and flings it into her home. 

"I gave it to you already. Don't say that your item never came," the man tells her in Chinese. 

The woman asks him why he threw her parcel on the floor. 

"Then how else do you want me to put the parcel down?" he retorts. 

They continue shouting at each other before he tells her to make a complaint. 

"You go and complain, lor," he challenges her and leaves.  

The woman yells at the delivery man, who shouts back at her. 

An official complaint has been lodged against Qxpress and an investigation is ongoing, according to the video caption.