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Dog feeders highlight roadkill issue in Lim Chu Kang, pleads for help to house the strays

Concerned about the issue of roadkill in Lim Chu Kang, a group of dog feeders have taken to social media for help in housing some of the stray dogs roaming in the area.

The administrators of Facebook group "Save the LCK Dogs" have shared at least two posts on the matter. In one of them, dated Nov 7, the group states that they are independent feeders who want to save the dogs at Lim Chu Kang.

The post reads: “The government has already started reclaiming the land and these dogs will eventually have no home. Many of the dogs have been abandoned by the factories when the companies moved out… (they) have been forced out and onto the roads with heavy vehicular traffic and many dogs have (been victims of) roadkill. Injured dogs are also a frequent sight.”

The group also added that they have “rescued 13 dogs so far” this year. Eight others, however, were reportedly not so lucky and died from hit-and-run accidents, snake bites, injuries and illnesses.

Another post on Nov 8 – written from the perspective of a stray dog – details a hit-and-run accident in September involving one of the dogs.

The post reads: “We need a place to go after we're taken off the roads, e.g. shelters/boarding/fosterers etc. If we're injured we need funds for treatment too. Every bit of help matters.” 

Located in the northwestern part of Singapore, Lim Chu Kang consists primarily of cemeteries, farms, and areas designated for military use. The stretch in the area referred to in both the Facebooks posts is regularly utilised by heavy vehicles.