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Food wars: S'pore YouTuber discovers 'best nasi lemak he's ever had' in KL

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Singapore-based YouTuber Ghib Ojisan had always been sceptical when told by Singaporeans that “food is actually better in Malaysia”.

“I can’t imagine that, because food in Singapore is already so good,” he said. 

But the 32-year-old had to see (and taste) what the hype was all about – so he went on a “food tour” led by iChang RM, a Japanese YouTuber couple based in Malaysia.

And during his short journey to Kuala Lumpur, he discovered the “best Nasi Lemak” he’s ever had. 

On Monday (Dec 19), Ojisan shared a YouTube video of what he ate in KL and gave his verdict on which country dishes it out better. 

The couple brought Ojisan and his wife to Nasi Lemak Tanglin, a popular joint in central KL, where a spicy, hearty plate of Nasi Lemak (with sotong, ikan bilis, and ayam sambal) cost RM27 (S$8.25).

After just one bite, Ojisan declared: "Oh my god, this is already the best nasi lemak I’ve had in my life."

Even his wife chimed in, calling it the “perfect” nasi lemak.

The spicy sambal hit the spot, says Ojisan and his wife.

Later, they headed to Fawwaz Roti Canai in Subang Jaya for another Malaysian classic – which Singaporeans refer to as roti prata. 

Aside from the basic roti kosong, they ordered variations not easily found here, namely roti sardine and roti banana. 

"The crispiest roti prata I've ever had," Ojisan said.

After a plate of Malaysian-style Hokkien fried mee in the evening, Ojisan was finally asked which country he thought had the better food.

While he declined to choose one over the other, his wife was a bit more candid, saying: "Based on today, I think yes."

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