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Jurong West neighbours at loggerheads since 2016

In one corner of Block 518 in Jurong West Street 52, a pair of neighbours have not been seeing eye to eye for more than seven years now.

Ms Pan, 72, told Shin Min Daily News that she has been living there for almost 30 years while her next-door neighbour moved in only in 2016.

She claimed that the neighbour had asked her to remove her potted plants from the corridor. Ms Pan removed all except one, which she placed by her gate, but it still displeased her neighbour and things soured between them.

Ms Pan also claimed that the neighbour then pasted a note on her gate: "Do not let your dirty pots and soil dirty my corridor."

The neighbour, 47-year-old Huang, told the Chinese daily that Ms Pan had stuck stickers and boards on her grilles.

Ms Pan said Ms Huang's clothes dryer was blowing dust and hot air into her home, so she filed a complaint with the authorities, who then put up boards and stickers to prevent the dust and hot air from getting into her flat.

Ms Huang claimed the hose to her clothes dryer could have dropped to the ground and she insisted that she never intentionally directed the hose towards Ms Pan's flat.

Blaming her stress on the disputes with her neighbour, Ms Pan and her husband moved in with their daughter in 2018.

“They don’t live here now, but they left a few potted plants unattended, which may breed mosquitoes, and we will be the ones infected," said Ms Huang.

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