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Man terrified of neighbour; CCTV does not stop harassment

A 43-year-old man claims he has been harassed by his neighbour since he moved into his flat at Yishun Street 22 about five years ago.

Mr Zhao in December told Shin Min Daily News that the female neighbour drew on his door and threw water and trash outside his unit.

At the time, Mr Zhao had called the police about 20 times within the five years, including once when she blocked his path as he was trying to leave the flat.

He also installed a closed circuit television camera outside his door after sharing his story with the Chinese daily in December.

Although the neighbour has stopped splashing water and throwing trash outside his unit, she has not stopped other forms of harassment, such as swearing at him and hammering her wall at night.

"If she saw me downstairs from the window of her home, she would yell and curse," Mr Zhao told Shin Min recently.

"I stay out till midnight to avoid being seen by her."

The neighbour has been caught on Mr Zhao's CCTV banging at his gate and yelling at his door, asking him to move out.

Another neighbour, 32-year-old chef Wati, told reporters that everyone gives the woman a wide berth.

"She yells in the middle of the night every day, even at five or six in the morning. When she comes home, she would slam the door real hard."

Mr Zhao has put in a request for a new rental flat.

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