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Malaysian police on the lookout for two men who may have urinated in public near Second Link

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Just what were these guys doing?

A photo posted on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on Sunday (June 12) seemed to have caught them in the act. But it is not clear from the photo what exactly that act was.

One of the two could be “watering the trees” as alleged.

And the other one may have done it too, before or after the photo was taken.

It is said to have happened soon after 11am the previous day, Saturday, near the Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex at the Second Link in Johor.

The post also included a photo of a Singapore registered car at the checkpoint, and claimed the two guys were travelling in it.

If they were indeed peeing, they were doing it in full view of buses parked nearby.

And the Malaysian police seem to have taken note of that.

The Free Malaysia Today (FMT) website said the police were seeking the men in connection with alleged indecent behaviour in public.

They wanted to record the duo’s statements for what could be a minor offence, carrying a maximum fine of RM100 (S$31.5).

Checks had shown that there was some congestion in the area at that time, the FMT report said.

The distance from the location in the picture to the closest public toilet is about 1km, Iskandar Puteri district police chief Rahmat Ariffin was quoted as saying in a Harian Metro report. "If vehicle owners were to park their cars at the roadside and walk to the toilet, it would worsen the congestion.”

But, as the Facebook post said, they could at least have looked for some bushes to do it in.

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