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Man lands in hospital after dispute with 'beer lady' at Hougang coffee shop

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A man was hospitalised after a fight that broke out at a coffee shop in Hougang on Monday (May 29).

According to Shin Min Daily News, the ruckus at Block 107 Hougang Avenue 1 began when the server from the drink stall – or “beer lady” – brought the wrong order to the man’s table. 

An employee at the drink stall, surnamed Guo, said the man in question was seated at a table drinking and chatting with another man when the “beer lady” brought over a few bottles of beer. 

"I heard the man angrily shouting that he didn't order any beer, and he asked why [the beer lady] spoke to him so loudly," said Guo. 

Following this, the two men at the table then argued between themselves. 

Later, Guo said the angry man began walking around the coffee shop with a beer bottle in hand, while other patrons tried to placate him. 

"He was standing at the drink stall asking me for manager's number, saying he wanted to complain about (the beer lady)," Guo added. 

Not long after, he started picking a fight with one of the diners that had tried to calm him down earlier. 

"He asked them why they spoke to him in that manner, and they ended up fighting." 

Another witness, Li, who works at the coffee shop's cai fan stall, said he heard the sound of glass shattering, and saw a few people raising their fists at the man. 

They grabbed him and pushed him to the ground, knocking into the cai fan stall's cabinets. 

When a reporter from Shin Min arrived at the coffee shop on Monday night, the police had cordoned off the area. There were bloodied tissues scattered on the ground. 

When interviewed, the beer lady – who declined to be named – told Shin Min she had mistakenly brought the beers to his table, but she said she did not understand why he got so upset.

The man was eventually taken to Sengkang General Hospital for his injuries. 

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