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More red-light cameras to be activated from April 1

The Traffic Police will progressively activate the speed-enforcement function in red-light cameras from April 1, in an effort to improve motorists’ behaviour on roads.

The function will be activated islandwide, and especially at locations prone to a higher number of accidents or traffic violations, said the police in a statement on March 31.

In 2023, the number of speeding-related fatal accidents spiked by 83.3 per cent, compared with 2022.

The proportion of fatal accidents caused solely by speeding also increased, from 17.3 per cent in 2022 to 25.2 per cent in 2023.

Although the number of speeding violations detected by traffic enforcement cameras fell by 28.6 per cent – from 73,152 cases in 2022 to 52,237 cases in 2023 – the number of speeding violations during police enforcement operations increased by 22 per cent, from 52,016 cases in 2022 to 63,468 cases in 2023.

This shows that while traffic enforcement cameras are effective at curbing speeding, motorists still choose to speed at locations where they think no one is watching, the police said.

In February, an annual report from the Traffic Police showed that the number of traffic accident fatalities climbed to 136 in 2023, a 25.9 per cent jump from the 108 deaths in 2022.

Among the fatalities, motorcyclists and their pillion riders accounted for half of this figure, while elderly pedestrians made up nearly 20 per cent.

A list of the 242 red-light camera locations can be found on the Singapore Police Force website.

Similar to other fixed-enforcement cameras, red-light cameras are painted orange and white, and come with warning signs indicating that the area is a “Traffic Police Camera Zone”. The road speed limit will also be displayed.

The Traffic Police urged motorists not to speed, even in areas without static speed cameras.

Instead, motorists should drive with care, exercise graciousness and patience, and abide by traffic rules.

Action will be taken against errant motorists who flout traffic rules, including speeding, the Traffic Police added.