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Mother of three killed in Father's Day crash

This article is more than 12 months old

Three children lost their mother in a Father's Day accident on the Seletar Expressway on Sunday.

She was travelling with her kids in a vehicle driven by her husband.

The 37-year-old driver, Mr Eng Kwan Meng, lost control of his Toyota multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) which skidded and hit the metal barrier by the side of the SLE, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

The impact flung his wife, Madam Leong Yin Lai, 38, out of the car, killing her.

The children and their father were all injured and taken to hospital.

According to Shin Min Daily News, at about 1.50pm, Mr Eng was driving in the right-most lane behind a black car which braked suddenly.

Mr Eng tried to brake and swerved to his left but crashed into the metal barrier and his wife, who was sitting in the back seat,was flung out of the car.

Yesterday morning, Shin Min spoke to Mr Eng in the hospital.

In tears, Mr Eng said that after the accident, he saw his wife lying on the road shoulder while his youngest son, three, lay on a nearby grass patch.

Mum, 38, killed in SLE crash

He said: "I believe my wife was holding my youngest son when the accident happened..."

Having been married for over 10 years, Madam Leong and Mr Eng had worked hard to give their children a better life.

Mr Eng said: "She cares a lot for the family. She always brings the kids to school, fetches them and even helps me with administrative matters in my business...

"But she left so suddenly, I feel very helpless."

Just after the accident, he managed to take off his seat belt, only to realise his back was injured.

"I saw my wife lying at the roadside and there were no traces of blood. I thought she was just unconscious. I wanted to climb out to see her and ask if she was okay but I had no strength," said Mr Eng.

Police investigations are ongoing.