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NYT removes 'Singaporean Chicken Curry' video

Singapore netizens 1, New York Times 0.

The venerable US newspaper has removed a video of “Singaporean Chicken Curry” that had caused offense and outrage.

In an Instagram post on Friday (Feb 11), NYT Cooking said: "The video demonstration didn't faithfully follow the recipe, which was adapted by Clarissa Wei from Shila Das, and it also should have been prepared as part of Ms Das's Nasi Biryani recipe. As a result, the video didn't do justice to Ms Das's family dish or to her Lunar New Year tradition."

The row erupted on Feb 2, after a video of the Taipei-based Ms Wei making the dish was uploaded as part of the paper’s Chinese New Year recipes.

Many people made comments online, and it became a trending topic, getting wide coverage in Singapore.

Even the Housing Board got into it, with a warning not to pour bad curry into the kitchen sink.

The photo on Instagram is nothing like Ms Wei's dish, shown below.


Ms Das, who even reportedly received hate mail,  later clarified that she had contributed a recipe for Chicken Briyani for the feature, but NYT split it into two, calling one Nasi Biryani and the other, Singaporean Chicken Curry

She told The Straits Times that she was glad the video had been taken down.

"It is long overdue. I asked for it to be taken down when it was posted," ST quoted her as saying. "I don't understand why it wasn't done earlier. And I feel the damage has already been done. It just seems they are doing the polite thing. The right thing would have been to take it down two weeks ago."

NYT Cooking said on Instagram: “After hearing your feedback, we’ve removed the video, and we have clarified the recipe. We’re appreciative of your response.”