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Revealed - the luckiest number 4 Toto

4, 4 and 4 again.

Looks like there’s nothing as lucky as the number usually seen as inauspicious here.

For Toto at least.

Three of the four digits making up the two top winning numbers in the lottery are ‘4’, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The number that has won most often - 113 times - is 40.

And the second, with 101 wins, is 44.

The least lucky number so far is 17, winning just 87 times.

But 17 was one of the winning numbers in the draw on Monday (Jan 10), and so was 44. The other winning numbers were 8, 11, 21and 30, with 48 as an additional number.

 Two winners shared the grand prize of $10,713,876.

One of them made only the minimum bet of $1 for his share of the prize - $5,356,938.

One of the winning tickets was bought at the Singapore Pools outlet in the FairPrice supermarket at Tampines Mall, and the other at Cheng Tai Boon Beng, an authorised retailer in Orchard Plaza.

The Group 2 prize from Monday's draw was won by 14 punters who each took home $85,925.