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SFA recalls fruit product for containing sulphur dioxide, infant snack for choking hazard

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Tuesday issued a recall for Jia Jia Wang Palm Seed Buah Kabong (500g) and Kiwigarden Greek Style Yoghurt Drops and Whole Blueberries.

The palm seed product, which lists just sugar as the other ingredient, was found to have contained sulphur dioxide, which SFA said was an undeclared allergen.

“Under Singapore’s Food Regulations, food products containing ingredients that are known to cause hypersensitivity must be declared on food packaging labels to safeguard public health,” the agency said.

It added that all ingredients in pre-packed food should be specified on the product label, with them listed in descending order based on the proportions by weight they are present.

SFA said it was recalling Kiwigarden’s yoghurt drops, which is marketed as being for infants aged 18 months and above, after being alerted to a consumer-level recall by New Zealand Food Safety.

The New Zealand authorities found that the size of some blueberry pieces in the product made it a possible choking hazard for children.

The respective manufacturer and importers of the products have been directed to recall them, with the recalls ongoing.

SFA also advised those who have bought the two products and have concerns about their health to avoid consuming them, with buyers encouraged to contact their point of purchase if they have questions.


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Posted by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Tuesday, August 1, 2023