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Synthetic cannabis sold openly in Geylang

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A stakeout by The New Paper has uncovered pushers selling drugs openly at the rear of a Geylang coffee shop.

The drugs being peddled there are believed to include K4, a synthetic variant of cannabis that is becoming popular among young abusers.

During the stakeout at night earlier this week, a group of men was seen operating a dispensary of sorts at an outdoor table at the coffee shop.



They were selling more than just K4. Customers, who mostly appeared to be in their 20s, were overheard asking for hydrocodone, codeine, nirazepam, to name a few.

Deals were usually done under the watchful eyes of the peddlers and their runners. Their stash of drugs were hidden nearby in a motorcycle box and a shelf located behind the table they were using.

When we enquired about buying K4 on another day, a man sitting at the table told us to "come back at night".

The video clip shows the interaction between the peddlers and their customers.

Read the full report in our print edition on June 27.

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