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Taxi driver praised for back-to-back good deeds

This article is more than 12 months old

A taxi driver's kind deeds have won him much praise.

One passenger recounted how a taxi driver went the extra mile to return lost belongings to their owners on Instagram page @sgfollowsall.

Upon boarding the cab, the passenger noticed a mobile phone on the back seat and alerted the driver. 

According to the passenger, the taxi uncle "immediately knew" who had left the phone behind and asked the passenger if he could wait while he drove back to the previous passenger's place to return the phone.

The passenger agreed to the driver's kind gesture, and upon arrival, he was further impressed that the cabbie did not mind waiting in the rain before the phone's owner came out of the house.

In a turn of events, the passenger himself left his earpiece behind after alighting and contacted the driver immediately.

Embarrassed that the driver drove back to return his earpiece, the grateful passenger wanted to repay the driver's kindness, but he declined the offer. 

The experience impacted the passenger, who praised the taxi driver, calling him a "patient and helpful character", and that his thoughtfulness made his "whole year".


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