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Thief in the night?: Residents alert police after noticing hand and footprints on walls

This article is more than 12 months old

Shocked to discover handprints and footprints all over a wall outside their apartment, residents of an HDB block in Yishun have alerted the police to the matter.  

Some of them have even been concerned enough to install window grilles as a form of precaution. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the prints were found outside a third-floor unit at Block 675C Yishun Avenue 4.

The flat owner, Aaron, said his daughter noticed the hand and footprints on the wall outside their kitchen on Wednesday (May 17).

Suspecting that someone had tried to sneak into the house, she immediately called the police.

Aaron, 52, explained that since he and his family were about to move out, he removed the window grilles about three weeks ago. 

Fortunately, nothing has been reported stolen. 

Aaron said he has been sleeping on a mattress in the living room, hoping it would deter the would-be thieves from entering the unit.

“We have lived here for six years and this is the first time anything like this has happened,” he said.

When a Shin Min reporter visited the block, they noticed handprints and footprints on the walls outside the fourth, fifth, and 11th floors as well.

A resident on the fifth floor, 38-year-old Zeng, said he has installed iron grilles on his windows in light of the discovery.

Police have confirmed that they received a report and are investigating the matter.

They have also put up notices at various locations at the block instructing residents to take precautions. This includes installing iron grilles, anti-theft alarms, and security cameras, as well as ensuring all doors and windows are locked before leaving their homes.