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Woman regrets not 'drawing her eyebrows' after she runs into Jackson Wang at Singapore gym

This article is more than 12 months old

Here’s a tip: Even when you’re headed to the gym, put on some make up. 

Because you never know who you are going to run into.

In the case of one woman in Singapore, it was K-pop heartthrob Jackson Wang. 

The woman, who went by username MaoVV on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, wrote in her post on Aug 8: “I regret not wearing contact lenses and drawing my eyebrows before going to the gym.”

She said she was initially unsure if it was really Wang she was looking at, until she heard the person next to him address him by his name. 

She waited for him to finish jogging before asking him for photos.

“He took my handphone, switched on the camera function and took a lot of photos with me. He also chatted with me and was really friendly,” she wrote.

“He was jogging before I entered the gym and was still working out when I left. There is a reason he is in such good shape. Oh yeah, he also said 'bye bye' to me!”

It was not stated which gym she encountered the 28-year-old China-born star who rose to global stardom with popular K-pop boy band Got7. 

Some netizens thought Wang wasn’t looking his best from the photos, though others countered that it was down to Singapore’s high humidity. 

In an Aug 10 interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Wang discussed his weight issues, admitting it was a "struggle" for him to restrain himself from eating too much while in Singapore.

"It's a constant struggle… when the food is delicious and I really want to eat it," he said. "But I know as soon as I finish it, the 'demon' in the mirror will appear."

Wang was in town for a flurry of events. On Aug 4, he opened a pop-up concept space for his clothing label Team Wang Design at Voco Orchard hotel, which will run until the end of August.

He also hosted the Team Wang Records (Human Remix) event at the Marquee nightclub on Aug 6. 

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