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Woman throws hair, used sanitary pads from 4th-storey window in Punggol

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What a hairy situation.

A woman has been allegedly throwing out hair, used sanitary pads and water from her fourth-storey kitchen window at Block 223A Sumang Lane in Punggol for a year.

Stomper Tan, who lives on the third storey, said: "I sometimes can see her standing near the kitchen window, combing her hair and using her finger to throw hair out the window."

He told Stomp that the wind would blow the hair into his home.

"I would find hair sticking on my balcony, kitchen floor, basin and food," said the Stomper, who shared photos of the hair and discarded sanitary pads.

"The worse thing is she is also pouring water down at people's laundry hung outside the window."

He reported the case to the National Environment Agency (NEA) on July 22.

NEA replied: "We have deployed a surveillance camera to capture any littering act at this suspected unit. We are monitoring the high-rise littering situation with the town council, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action."

But the Stomper said it is still happening.

"Every day, I must clear the hair away and I do not even dare hang my laundry outside or put food near the kitchen window," he said.

"My next-door neighbour, a nice uncle, moved out because he cannot stand this problem."

Tan added: "Even though we are living in a one-room or two-room rental flat, we should not behave this way."

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