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She still writes to missing dad

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Uncertainty over search leaves relatives of MH370 victims hopeful but confused

Ever since her father Andrew Nari's disappearance, Miss Maira Elizabeth Nari, 19, has been sending notes to him on Twitter and Instagram, telling him she was waiting for him.

Her father is the chief steward of Flight MH370 which disappeared on March 8 last year while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board.

However, news of a piece of an airplane wing - called a flaperon - that washed ashore on La Reunion island late last month has left Miss Nari and her family confused and frustrated, reported the New York Post.

International investigators did not immediately confirm the findings, calling for more analysis.

But the mixed messages have caused confusion and frustration among friends and relatives of people on the flight.

"I don't know what I felt at that time," said Miss Nari, a college student, adding that part of her hoped the debris was from the plane and part of her hoped it was not.


Her love notes to her dad has captured the attention of the world - she now has more than 92,000 followers on Twitter and over 23,000 on Instagram.

During Christmas, she wrote on Instagram, "I love you, daddy. Have a blessed Christmas with the rest of the crew and passengers."

She described Twitter as a diary.

"It feels good to know that people actually care for you," she said, noting that it is also weird to have the attention.

A recent cartoon of the wrecked aircraft in French magazine Charlie Hebdo, however, angered her.

The satirical magazine mocked the discovery of the flaperon that had been recently found, reported The Star.

The cover of the French weekly appeared to show two dismembered hands touching coconuts, which are actually a pair of disembodied breasts, reported Express, a UK newspaper.

The front page reads: "We've found a bit of the pilot and the air hostess."

Two onlookers are seen in the background celebrating.

Miss Nari said: "It is unethical of the magazine and disgusting... I cannot believe that such a company or people (behind the magazine) still exist!"

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