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Unattended baby drifts 1km out to sea while parents sunbathe

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A rescue operation was mounted this week to save the life of a 10-month-old girl off the shore of Turkey.

The baby had drifted about 1km out to sea after her parents left her in a float.

Melda Ilgin's parents had put her on a child's inflatable float in open waters at a beach near the Turkish town of Kucukkuyu​.

Mirror reported on Friday (July 3) that the parents were sunbathing when they realised that Melda was not where they had left her.

Wind and currents had pushed her out to seatowards the Greek island of Lesbos, just south of Turkey, Mail Online reported.

Other people at the beach tried to swim to the child to save her, but Melda had drifted too far from shore.

The Turkish Coast Guard was called into action. The crew piloted a boat to the child, and one officer jumped into the sea to accompany her till she was moved onto the vessel.

The Turkish Coast Guard rescuing the child. PHOTO: HURRIYET

Fortunately, the little girl was asleep throughout the whole event and had not suffered any harm.

Rescuers handed the baby back to her mother after the vessel docked.

Melda Ilgin with her mother. PHOTO: HURRIYET

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Watch a video of the rescue: