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Couple in Negeri Sembilan ghosted by wedding caterer, saved by kampung spirit

The date had been set and the hall in Negeri Sembilan had been booked for the wedding.

But what the family of the bride did not foresee was the caterer ghosting them.

The bride's brother Burhanuddin Rabbani Abdul Shukor, 31, was in tears as he lamented on TikTok that the caterer responsible for the food and furniture could not be reached. 

More than just the thought of losing the RM13,000 ($3,700) the family had paid for the services, he described how the panic set in.

The family had invited 1,000 guests and because of the caterer, there was no food, no furniture, no dais, no costumes.

But the family was saved by the kampung spirit (standing in solidarity and chipping in towards a common cause).

Family members stepped up and scrambled to prepare food for the guests. The mosque lent tables and chairs for the wedding reception.

"We have been scammed by the caterer my sister booked. We tried contacting them many times but to no avail. We booked the services for 1,000 guests," Mr Burhanuddin told Harian Metro.

"We were stumped. We kept trying to contact the caterer since after the solemnisation ceremony. In the end, we decided to prepare the food ourselves.

"We split up into groups. One group sourced for tables and chairs, another looked for cooking appliances and utensils, another looked for big pots."

The family managed to ready the food as well as the tables and chairs by 11am.

"We did everything ourselves. We overcame everything with determination and the confidence that we could do it," said Mr Burhanuddin, adding that guests who got wind of the situation came bearing food to be shared.

"We felt the love."

The family has filed a police report against the caterer.