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Edison Chen caught in fight with queue-jumper

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Hong Kong actor Edison Chen has been keeping a low profile since his infamous sex scandal seven years ago.

On Saturday (Sept 5), he made the news once again for picking a fight at the airport.

People who were standing near him at the registration counter at the Shanghai airport recorded the the altercation and posted it on social media.

At least it has been a turnaround for Chen.

Unlike his last scandal, he is not being hailed as the bad guy this time round.

Netizens who watched the one-minute clip have praised Chen for standing up for his rights.

The South China Morning Post reported that at 1pm on Saturday, Chen was at the airport counter when he suddenly had to step away for a while.

The man behind him in the queue didn't know that Chen had intended to come back, so he approached the counter to tend to his business.

According to Thepaper.cn, when Chen, 34, walked back to the counter and discovered that someone had cut his queue, he got mad.

At first, he tried to tell the man that he still had unfinished business at the counter.

The man became unhappy and they started quarrelling.

Chen then took the man's ID card and threw it on the ground after which the man grabbed Chen by the collar causing Chen to lose his left slipper.

In the clip, an enraged Chen can be seen trying to control his temper as he forcefully swept back his own hair a few times as if willing himself to calm down.

He also is seen gesturing to the people around.

Some netizens have surmised that he is telling them that he did not hit the man who jumped his queue.

As things started to heat up, the two men bump chests, both unwilling to give way.

The man finally asks the counter staff to call the police.

Not long after, the police arrive and both Chen and the man are led away.

Thepaper.cn reported that many netizens were in support of Chen because he had tried to explain himself to the man without getting violent.

Source: South China Morning Post, Thepaper.cn


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