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Man makes son play mobile games for 17 hours without sleep as punishment

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After finding out his son was discreetly playing mobile games late into the night, a man in China decided to punish the boy – by getting him to play for 17 hours straight. 

According to ET Today, the man, surnamed Huang, said he was upset when he discovered his son gaming at 1am on March 8, as it would affect the boy at school the next day. 

He added that he had already allocated time for his son to play the games – half an hour on weekdays and one hour on weekends.

Wanting to teach his son a lesson, Huang told him he could play for however long he wanted the next day, on the condition that he not sleep. 

Huang then called the boy’s teacher to ask for a day’s leave from school, after consulting with his wife. 

While the boy was elated with the opportunity presented to him, he soon regretted taking up the offer. 

His body started to ache after the long hours of sitting, and was fatigued from playing non-stop. 

He also fell asleep while playing, but was awoken by Huang who demanded he continue playing. 

But after 17 hours, the boy gave in, begging his father for “mercy”. He also wrote an apology letter in English saying he would not again play games in the middle of the night. 

Huang said he believed the punishment was a success, as evidenced by the letter his son wrote. 

He also said that his wife supported his decision because she felt it was reasonable given he was not resorting to physical violence. 

In a follow-up video on Douyin, he said he proceeded with the punishment only because he was sure his son could deal with it, and advised other parents against doing so. 

“My son usually has good grades and is very obedient. He often goes outdoors with me, and his physical fitness is also good,” he said.

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