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Three riders suspended

Jockeys JP van der Merwe, Benny Woodworth and apprentice rider WH Kok have been suspended for three Singapore race days each for careless riding on Sunday.

Near the 1,000m mark in Race 8,van der Merve allowed his mount Toosbies to shift inwards, resulting in Federation having to be checked.

Van der Merwe's suspension took effect from yesterday and will run until May 25.

Woodworth had, approaching the 300m mark, permitted his mount Elise to shift inwards in Race 5, while riding it along, leaving insufficient room for two runners to his inside.

That resulted in Copacabana being tightened and Easy Does It being checked severely.

As he has been engaged to ride on Friday and Sunday, Woodworth's suspension will be from May 20 to June 1.

Kok had allowed Shoot Up High to shift inwards passing the 400m mark in Race 10, while riding it along. This resulted in Tingle Marc, who was racing on his inside, having to be severely checked.

Kok has also been engaged to ride on Friday and Sunday, so the stewards allowed his suspension to take effect from May 20 to June 1.