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Workouts by horses engaged at Penang on Sunday

Class 3 - 1,300M

YESTERDAY: Slow work: Star Genius, The Dodger, Georgetown , Sacred Surfer, Why Not, Secret Agent. Dazzling Speed canter/pace work. Pulau Pinang canter/pace work. Alcatraz pace work.

TUESDAY: Satellite Boy * .barrier test/36.4. Pulau Pinang * .canter/43.1. Sacred Surfer canter/36.8. Terms Of Reference * .canter/33.5. Magic City * .barrier practice/36.5.

Class 4 (A) - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Flying Baby 41.4.

Slow work: Forsa Eclipse, Tilsworth Jacobi, Arif, Anonymous, Sacred Sea, Diamond Set. Hun Yeang Road canter/pace work.

TUESDAY: Castle Ocean pace work. Fiery Shinzo * .canter/38.3. Caorunn * .pace work. Sunny Star * .barrier practice/36.9. Hun Yeang Road 37.6. Sunny Fighter canter/35.7.

Class 4 (B) - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: City Of Dream canter/pace work. Ace's Wild canter/38.9.

Slow work: Gunforhire, Funkadelic, Suntzu.

TUESDAY: City Of Dream * .pace work.

Unchained Melody barrier test/36.9.

So On pace work. Modric * .canter/pace work. Hallelujah pace work.

Class 4 (A) - 1,600M

YESTERDAY: Blue Danube canter/41.4. Ragnar 41.3. Leopard Eclipse canter/pace work. Oscar Eclipse canter/pace work.

Slow work: Mazanze, D'Great Chance.

TUESDAY: Elusive Emperor canter/37.1.

Mazanze canter/37.1. Tongariro barrier practice/36.5.

Class 5 (A) - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Slow work: Mon Energy,

I'm The Man, Toobigtofail.

Pace work: Hero King.

TUESDAY: Lee's Star pace work.

Battle Horse 38.3. Lucky Sixtysix * .canter/36.5. Louey Veloce barrier test/36.9. Seckill * .pace work. Morales barrier practice/37.1. L'ken * .canter/35.6. Mirotic pace work.

Class 5 (B) - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Pace work: Handsome Bab, Golden States.

Slow work: D'Great Lord, Wildfire.

TUESDAY: Mr Dreyfuss barrier test/36.4. Silver Sixtysix canter/40.2. D'Great Lord canter/pace work. Germanic canter/35.6. Parisbas * .canter/36.5. Golden Coin 39.3.

German Speed barrier test/36.9. Gridiron * .canter/38.3. Golden Explorer * .canter/pace work.

Class 5 (A) - 1,400M

YESTERDAY: Cloud Shadow 42.2. Jacks Secret canter/38.9.

Pace work: Awatere, Emki Empress

Slow work: Overlord, Pratt Street, Like A Jet, Robben.

TUESDAY: China Captain * .canter/35.7. Bangkok Boy * .barrier practice/36.4. Merry Bell canter/40.2. Cape Lincoln * .canter/43.6. Like A Jet pace work. Robben * .canter/pace work. Big Super canter/35.6.

Class 5 (B) - 1,400M

YESTERDAY: Slow work: Babel, Overseer.

Pace work: Baymax.

TUESDAY: Raise Me Up * .barrier practice/36.4. BM Power 39.6.

Mr Right canter/pace work.

Rich And Smart canter/pace work. Satellite Turbo barrier practice/36.5. Alwrich barrier test/36.9. Supreme Sasso canter/35.6.

Open Maiden - 1,200M

YESTERDAY: Slow work: Mbappe, Fantastic Eclipse. Glenafton canter/pace work, Yellow Jade Horse canter/pace work.

TUESDAY: General Nix * .canter/pace work. Mbappe canter/44.7. Long Zhong Ho barrier test/36.9. Penang General canter/.7.9. Leedstheway canter/pace work. Penang Bank canter/35.7.

Penang Man canter/37.9.