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HK beauty queen unhappy with nude scenes leak - she'd rather you see them in HD

She was distressed when she found out that nude footage of her had been leaked on the Internet.

But this was no Jennifer Lawrence situation.

The scenes in question are from the Hong Kong Category III film, The Gigolo which stars former Miss Hong Kong 2009 contestant, Candy Yuen

According to JayneStars, Yuen is hoping The Gigolo will be her ticket to stardom.

So after one of her full-frontal scenes leaked online, she is worried that nobody would feel the need - or possibly have the energy - to go and sit through the entire film in a cinema.

It will be released at the end of this month and she urged potential fans:  "You need to watch it in theatres!"

She added that the bonus for doing so would be: "Because it’s in high definition – it’s a lot clearer.”

As an extra incentive, Yuen claimed that what was leaked online was mild in comparison to her other, more "extreme", nude scenes in the film. 

The film's plot (for what it's worth, even though the "huge" spoiler that Yuen loses all her clothes is out there), sees Yuen's character seduce a gigolo (you know, the one the film is inventively named after). Yuen also wants this chap-for-hire exclusively... for a month.

With a plot like that, you can see why they went for gigolo, and not plumber for the male lead's profession.

Director Au Cheuk Man was furious about the leak and told Hong Kong media that he vowed to find the culprit.

Which could also make for an interesting film plot.


Source: JayneStars

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