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Retiring young ‘not practical’, says Ah Boys To Men star Wang Weiliang

Retire at 35?

That’s what Ah Boys To Men star Wang Weiliang did. 

He told Lianhe Zaobao he felt “really lost” in 2021 and entertained thoughts of retiring. So he sold his three houses and his car.

But after feeling “so proud” of himself for being able to retire young, it didn’t turn out the way he expected

“In the second week, my back started aching, and by the third week, I thought: ‘Wow! Cannot. Retiring this young is not practical at all’,” he recalled.

The 36-year-old then decided to set up a movie company, Hong Pictures, with his buddy Joshua Tan, 33. The duo, who’ve known each other since 2012, also co-own a creative production company, Paperplane Productions, and a music school called Seed Music.

Unfortunately, their company hasn’t brought in any money for them yet. Said Wang: “We haven’t started selling anything yet. We’re still looking for people to buy the content we produce.”

Working together has also not been easy for the two friends. Tan said they “have tiffs every day”.

Said Wang, who is in charge of scouting for investors: “I’m looking for money but he spends it. When I see him spend the money I’ve found, do you think there won’t be conflicts?”

But he has learnt to trust his friend and let things slide. In fact, if they disagree, they will call each other or “meet in person to talk things out”. 

“We don’t let our arguments last overnight,” said Wang.

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