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Mirror singer Stanley Yau apologises for misunderstanding caused by his post

The controversy over the third day of Singapore Mandopop singer JJ Lin’s concert tour in Hong Kong continues to rankle.

Hong Kong singer Ian Chan from popular boy band Mirror had been scheduled to be the special guest at Lin’s concert on Sunday, but the segment was dropped due to miscommunication between both sides.

Chan, 29, had turned up for a rehearsal earlier that day with six of his Mirror bandmates: Stanley Yau, Lokman Yeung, Jeremy Lee, Alton Wong, Tiger Yau and Anson Kong.

The producer of Lin’s Hong Kong concerts later apologised for the alleged mix-up.

Chan reportedly unfollowed Lin on Instagram after the incident, while Stanley Yau posted on Instagram on Sunday a photo of the seven of them near a stage, with the caption: “For memory.”

The incident led to an online exchange of words between fans of Lin and Mirror, with some netizens criticising Mirror under Yau’s post.

Yau, 32, took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday to clarify the incident.

“Firstly, I apologise for the misunderstanding caused by the previous post,” he wrote. “To be honest, it was definitely our honour that JJ was willing to invite Mirror to be with him on the same stage, an absolute honour no matter which angle it was looked at.”

He said that the opportunity was lost unfortunately due to miscommunication, and that his previous post was about the misfortune experienced by the band repeatedly.

A large, heavy video screen had fallen from the ceiling during the 12-member group’s concert in July 2022, injuring two dancers.

“We have never thought that we were great, as we knew from day one that we have many shortcomings and that we were favoured by luck,” Yau continued. “Only hard work is left now that our luck is gone, so it depends on how hard we work.”

Lin, 41, will hold three more concerts in Hong Kong from Friday to Sunday.

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