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Hong Huifang says husband Zheng Geping's fit body is 'ugly'

Veteran actor Zheng Geping’s ripped physique may be appealing to many, but unfortunately, not to his wife, actress Hong Huifang. 

In a recent radio podcast Chat With The Stars, Zheng said his wife does not like his toned body.

“Actually, Huifang tells me she doesn't like washboard abs, she doesn't like ripped muscles,” said the 58-year-old. 

Hong did not refute his claim, adding that she would decline Zheng’s offer to train with him because she did not want bulging muscles like him. 

She added jokingly: “Don’t you think it’s really ugly?”

Previously, the 62-year-old said she found it difficult adapting to Zheng’s physique after he started bodybuilding in his 40s, because she felt he had become “an entirely different person”. 

In an interview in 2015, Hong said: “His muscles have become really hard, but I prefer a softer body because it's more comfortable for me to hug.”

Despite her preferences, Zheng explained he wanted to keep a fit body for the sake of his health. 

He said in the podcast: “I used to teach taekwondo, and I didn't have a record of injuries back then. Instead, I got injured all over my body when I was acting.

“I also have issues with cervical spine displacement and spinal degeneration. When I was in my 40s, I already noticed that something was wrong, and I started to exercise in order to strengthen the muscles to support my spine.”

Though Hong said she didn't like vigorous exercises, she joined Zheng in doing some stretches on the show. 

She also talked about her love for taking long walks after sunset. 

She added: “I just like walking. If I want to go to the supermarket, I won't pick a nearby one that's only 200m away, but go to one that's 5km away on foot, and then walk home slowly after shopping." 

Their record was a 22 km round-trip from their home in Hougang to Marina Bay Sands.

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