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Kimberly Chia's husband shuts down trolls criticising actress

Online trolls are the worst.

And if you didn’t already realise that, take a gander at a TikTok post by local actress Kimberly Chia's husband Vincent Yeo, who after complimenting his wife in a video clip, had to deal with a handful of snide comments from netizens.

Yeo, a 35-year-old businessman, had posted a video in May listing three things he had never seen before. "One, alien Transformers. Two, dinosaur Transformers. Three, a girl more beautiful than you," Yeo wrote, referring to Chia as she walks towards the camera.

The 27-year-old was dressed glamorously in a black strapless dress for the Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts premiere event in Singapore.

Enter the trolls, who were bent on posting derogatory comments in the guise of jokes. 

"I need to post this via snail mail. Can I borrow the stamps on your eyes?" one wrote.

"You should go out and see more people," another said.

"She is just an average Jane,” read another comment.

@misterzhuzhu And i didnt even get to watch the movie nor see u in person in this dress. ? #transformers #launchday ♬ original sound - MisterZhuZhu

Yeo has been married to Chia since 2021 and they have a one-year-old son Kyzen. The dutiful husband found himself having to “fend off” the attacks in the comments section.   

In response to the second comment above, Yeo simply replied: "I prefer to keep my eyes to the only woman I married. You go enjoy yourself. I guess you need it."

Thankfully though, most commenters weren’t as rude. 

One wrote: "She's indeed pretty! Ignore those meaningless comments from the immature men. They are people who don't get enough of girls and should stay single for life."

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