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Sweet Xixi & friends say sorry for crammed seating at A-mei show

It was a packed seating situation, but Xixi Lim and her plus-size friends were so sweet and humble that they managed to capture the hearts of netizens as they navigated through their "tight" problem.

The local actress, 35, recently shared a TikTok about her "struggles" with seating at last weekend's A-Mei concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

In the clip she says, “I’ve met my friends and we’re going for A-Mei’s concert now. But we have a very urgent situation right now.

"We are all very nervous. Why? Take a look at the four of us."

Then she pans to her three friends.

“We are all a lil bit up-sized, I don’t know if it will be very squeezy?” she asks.

Xixi says she has never been to a show with friends who were all the same “cute” size as her, and that they would be joined by another who is “the total opposite” of them.

The group has a serious discussion about how they plan to sit. Xixi says that they should “split up" to have more space.

@xixilim I'm sorry if you are seated beside us. 胖女生日記 ?? 我會去反省滴~ #肉肉女 #大尺碼 #plusszie #fyp #asmeir世界巡迴演唱會 #asmeita_pride ♬ original sound - Xi Xi

They then bow to the camera as Xixi says, “So to whoever that is sitting beside us, please accept our sincerest apologies.”

Xixi goes on to show the seats were “arranged super close to one another” at the venue.

The group decides on "the best formation" to make things "less worrying now" - by squeezing their "skinnier" friend next to Xixi.

Xixi cracks up as she shows the space that is left for her thin buddy, who has yet to arrive for the show - only half the seat can be seen.

“Us fat people are really very troublesome,” she says. “Sorry it’s our fault, we’re too up-sized.” 

At the end of her video, she captions, “We will reflect and go on a diet."

Xixi and her friends have endeared themselves to netizens with their humility and humour.

"Hahaha but with all your bubbly personality, it will be super duper more fun for people beside you all," said Jo.

Josephine Tong said, "You all are far too cute."

So cute that people wanted more.

"Omg so cute hahaha please have a part 2," said PandaWalwus.

Guava agreed, "Any part 2? What happened in the end?!"

Yes, we all want to know.

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