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Race-ready Superbike


That extra 'R', without a doubt, will give new owners of the race-spec ZX10RR elevated street cred.

The winter test design and the lightweight Marchesini wheels make the 10RR special.

Sure, the 10RR, limited to only 500 units, will cost more than the standard ZX10R.

But you will get performance close to the championship-winning Kawasaki World Superbike team's race machine that ruled last year, 2015 and 2013.

Performance-wise, the 10RR is touted to be one to two seconds faster than the 10R when tested at Kawasaki's development facility at the Autopolis Circuit in Japan.

The single-seater 10RR is race ready and can be fitted with high-lift cams for racing. Its crankcase has also been reinforced for reliability.

Clutchless up- and downshifts are possible with the Kawasaki Quickshifter as standard equipment.

As the 10RR is designed for circuit use, it gets a cassette-type, close-ratio transmission.

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Machine price only: $44,000