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Find all you need at FairPrice Xtra, with new monthly Hyper Catalogue

To stay updated with latest offers for the month, keep a lookout for new monthly editions of its Hyper Catalogue in The New Paper

These days, staying at home is the prudent thing to do to keep ourselves and our loved ones protected.

But as time goes by, we find ourselves wanting better appliances to spruce up our homes, new toys and books for our little ones to keep themselves entertained, and a fresh supply of groceries to stock our kitchen shelves.

Getting everything you need while minimising contact with the crowd may feel like a tall order.

That's when FairPrice Xtra comes to the rescue.

It is a one-stop hypermart that stocks a wide variety of affordable clothes, toys, electronics and homeware on top of the standard groceries found at regular FairPrice outlets.

Whether it's a tube of toothpaste or a brand new television, you can find all you need at any of the eight FairPrice Xtra outlets located around Singapore.

To help you keep abreast with FairPrice Xtra's latest offers for the month, keep a lookout for new monthly editions of its Hyper Catalogue.

Exciting new offers come with a monthly change in theme.


This month's edition shines the spotlight on the most important meal of the day - breakfast.

If the days seem to be getting gloomier, a hearty and refreshing breakfast could be what you need to start off on the right footing.

For a meal that can be whipped up in practically no time, classics like sandwiches and cornflakes with milk are the way to go.

You can get Kellogg's world-famous cornflakes in a 500g Jumbo Pack for better value, or try its Fruit Cornflakes that come in Strawberry and Banana flavours for something new.

Drench them in Farmhouse's Fresh Milk from Australia, which for a limited time will come with a free Luminarc glass for every 2-litre carton purchased (while stocks last).

For a healthier choice, you could opt to make sandwiches with peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co. - which contains no added sugar - and Gardenia's 100% Wholemeal Extra Soft & Fine Bread.

If you're looking for a rich weekend breakfast, take advantage of the latest promotions to pile up your plate with an American breakfast platter right in your own home.

Start by frying up a portion of Hormel Spam, a timeless American favourite.

For a lighter alternative, you can substitute this with vegan-friendly Plant-Based Sausages from Beyond Meat. Add tomatoes, toast and eggs according to your preference.

Finally, serve these up with a couple of Farmland's Hash Browns for a breakfast that will really charge you up for the day.


Of course, preparing meals at home can be difficult if you don't have the right kitchenware to help you out.

At FairPrice Xtra, you can browse high-quality pots, pans and woks from brands like Meyer and K-Art, and even refrigerators from brands like Samsung.

The revamped Hyper Catalogue is currently published in The New Paper on the last Thursday of every month.

To learn about more offers going on this month, head over to your nearest FairPrice Xtra outlet or browse digitally at

Get a taste of Taiwan at the Mini Taiwan Fair

Getting a plane ticket sure isn't easy these days, and embarking on your next holiday seems like a distant dream.

But with FairPrice's Mini Taiwan Fair that runs from today to April 15 at your nearest FairPrice outlet, you won't need a flight to enjoy the unique flavours of Taiwan.

Featuring fresh produce from Kaohsiung, various Taiwanese snacks and promotions valid only till next Wednesday, this is one event you don't want to miss.

A port city in the southern region of Taiwan, Kaohsiung's warm climate makes it the leading producer in the country of sweet, juicy fruits such as guavas and jujubes.


For a limited time, some of Kaohsiung's best will be available at promotional prices. On top of its famous guavas and jujubes, there will also be Kyoho grapes, pineapples and honey murcotts. Fresh vegetables from Taiwan such as celery, black fungus mushroom and sweet potato will be on offer too.

Some uniquely Taiwanese snacks will be made available as well.

You may spot special variations of some of your favourite products, or novel tidbits that come in authentic Taiwanese flavours.


Grab the chance to lay your hands on a packet of Lay's Spicy Potato Chips or Doritos' Chicken Wing Corn Chips. The more adventurous might try a bag of Hwa Yuan's Oyster Omelette Potato Chips as well.



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