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5 items to add to the festive cheer this Chinese New Year

Spring cleaning. Check.

New clothes. Check.

Festive decorations. Check.

Food. Check.

But there is always room for more food, especially the good ones.

Here are five items you can buy at FairPrice, that will definitely up your Chinese New Year game:

China Chun Jian Papagan

Air-flown from Fujian in China, this easy-to-peel mandarin orange has a unique, caviar-like pulp brimming with juicy goodness. The orange, which is a rich source of Vitamin C, is one of the six fruits Fujian is famous for, along with longan, lychee, pineapple, loquat and banana.  

The auspicious exchange of mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year is a symbolic way of wishing each other happiness and prosperity, as the word orange in Mandarin sounds similar to that of wealth.


Seaco Steamboat Four Treasures

Perfect for the steamboat pot at reunions, this steamboat pack makes the perfect start to a mouthwatering meal. The pack consists of Pollock Crab Flavored Stick, Pollock Flying Fish Roe Bun, Fish Roe Bun, and Sea Urchin Flavored Bun.

The premium ingredients ensure quality addition to the steamboat with fine flavours – just like those served in high-end restaurants.

Seaco Canada Frozen Scallops 

The scallop is the quintessential premium ingredient in a Chinese New Year steamboat. Its shape is like a coin, making it an auspicious addition to the festive meal.

The succulent Seaco Canada Frozen Scallops is perfect in steamboat or pan-seared. It is okay if you forgot to include this in your shopping – you can get a box from the nearest FairPrice and straightaway plate it for the reunion dinner as there is no need to thaw before adding frozen scallops to the steamboat.

Home Flavours Honey Coffee Pork Chop

Indulge in tender, caramelised mini pork chops marinated in a delightful blend of honey and coffee. Savour the juicy and crispy texture of this decadent dish that boasts the perfect balance between the sweetness of honey and the robust earthiness of coffee.

The Home Flavours Honey Coffee Pork Chop makes an excellent accompaniment for rice. You can also serve Home Flavours ready-to-heat vegetable and soup selections for a complete meal that is delicious and fuss-free.

Sin Mui Heng Fortune Chicken Bak Kwa Pau 

These filled buns are a sure conversation starter and deserve the centre stage on your coffee tables. Shaped to look like oranges, the Sin Mui Heng Fortune Chicken Bak Kwa Pau is the most fun master of disguise this festive season.

A bite into the soft, pillowy buns filled with sweet and savoury meats is like having the best of everything at one go – the visual treat of the auspicious oranges as well as the indulgent bak kwa. Huat ah!

Want to know what else FairPrice has for you this Chinese New Year? 

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