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Enjoy fresh local produce at FairPrice

Go local by buying fresh local produce at FairPrice. 

FairPrice is supporting a Grow Local initiative, part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, that aims to meet 30 per cent of Singapore’s nutritional needs through locally produced food. 

FairPrice works with a number of local farms such as Sustenir, Artisan Green, Kin Yan and The Fish Farmer to ensure that a wide range of local produce is readily available at our stores and on shelves within 24 hours.

So you can be assured of the freshness and quality of the produce.

FairPrice shoppers need only look out for the SG Fresh Produce logo, which signifies that the produce is locally farmed.


This local company makes it their mission to revolutionise diets with innovative modern vertical farming techniques. Their farm in Sembawang produces highly nutritious, delicious greens such as their signature Kinky Kale and Toscano Kale enriched with the neurotransmitter GABA, supporting better sleep and defending against stress. 

The produce is certified Clean and Green 3 stars as it does need to be washed, uses zero pesticide, is free from pollution and heavy metals. This also means that these veggies are highly nutritious, retain their freshness, have a consistent taste and a longer shelf life. Some of Sustenir’s products include Super Kale, Might Mix and X’cellent Xiao Bai Cai. 

Check out this salted Egg Kale Chips recipe, which uses the farm’s Super Kale.

Artisan Green

Another local farmer supplying leafy greens to Singaporeans is Artisan Green. They specialise in baby leaf and herb production using controlled environment agriculture techniques. 

At their indoor hydroponics farm in Kallang, vegetables and herbs grow, rain or shine, making optimal use of space and resources. They don’t use pesticide, so you’ll get the cleanest greens with every bite. Their freshest produce include baby spinach and red baby kale. 

Fish Farmer

Singaporeans consume a whole lot of seafood­ – a whopping 120,000 tonnes each year ­– and fish is a huge part of that. Fish Farmer produces 1,000 tonnes of fish each year with its four farms. It boasts many varieties of fish such as grey mullet, milkfish, grouper, red snapper and barramundi. 

Fish from this farm are raised in caged long nets along sheltered waterways which allow them to swim with the tides and absorb nutrients from the sea. Thus, the fish have a firm texture, no mud taste and the same flavour as wild-caught fish. 

New “value-added” products like the frozen ready-to-eat fish dishes like Heat and Eat Barramundi with Kumamoto Lemon & Salt, Mediterranean Style and Crispy Tempura are designed to be convenient and quick to prepare.

Kin Yan

The biggest mushroom grower in Singapore does not use any pesticide. Food safety and freshness are top of mind for Kin Yan, which supplies several types of mushrooms to FairPrice.

These include Fresh Black Fungus, Pink/Golden Oyster Mushrooms, Fresh Abalone Mushroom and their newest addition, the Golden Spring Mushroom.