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'Handsome weeping guys' for hire in Japan

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​Japanese term Ikemeso Danshi roughly translates to "handsome weeping boys".

It is the name of new business that has popped up in Japan.

From Thursday (Sept 24), Japanese women can hire good-looking dudes to help them de-stress.

Yes, Japan has services to hire men for sex, cuddling and a general boyfriend experience.

Before your minds wonders to too unseemly a place, these hunks provide a very unique service.

They are trained to bring stressed-out women to tears, in a good way, allowing them a good, therapeutic cry.

This can be done with a particularly tear-inducing video.

These men will also cry along with the women in a show of empathy.

After the women have de-stressed, the hunks will wipe their tears away for them.

The service essentially allows women to experience a scene much like those in music videos and romantic movies.

The homepage of Ikemeso

Japan Trends reported that women can choose from the mens' pictures that are displayed on the website.

The men's looks range from muscular and manly to the sweet, boy-next-door types, with labels on their pictures such as bad boy and intellectual dude. 

Or for the woman with a particular need, a dentist (pictured below).



This service is the brain-child of Mr Hiroki Terai who has made a fortune from the "tears" business.

RocketNews24 reported that Mr Terai had also released a photography book of "crying hunks" — also called Ikemeso Danshi — earlier this year.

According to Mirror UK, it costs 7,900 yen ($92) to hire on of these crying men.

As a bonus the cost includes travel  expenses getting the weeping wonders to whomever has hired them..

It is not clear if the service is available to both genders living in Japan.

Source: Japan Trends, RocketNews24, Mirror UK


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