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Live streamer apologises to Chan Brothers for damning videos

In July 2023, Ms Jayner Teh Qiao’Er joined a group of live streamers on a private tour of Croatia and Austria organised by Chan Brothers.

The live streamers encountered issues while on the tour and aired damning videos on social media platforms.

In a statement by Chan Brothers, it is said that Ms Teh had reached a private settlement with the travel agency over a series of allegations made in the live streams.

Ms Teh also posted a public apology on her Facebook page on April 15, retracting the comments she made about the Chan Brothers tour.

"I hosted and/or appeared in various Facebook live streams on July 15 and 16, 2023. I made statements against the services rendered by Chan Brothers and its operations," she said in her apology.

"I have deleted the live streams with objectionable content.

"I also promise not to publish or say anything else related to the tour that is untrue or can be seen as negative about Chan Brothers."

The statement by Chan Brothers also indicated that there is an ongoing lawsuit against the other live streamers who were involved in the incident.

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