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Woman harasses couple during their livestream, kicks their food containers

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Talk about unprovoked.

A couple were live-streaming on Twitch while sitting outside Buona Vista MRT station when a middle-aged woman wearing a skincare face mask walked over and began shouting at them.

And to their horror, she then kicked over two bags of food belonging to them.

Food delivery rider Clarence Kang, 39, and his wife Angelica Mendoza, 37, were sitting on the side of a covered pedestrian walkway when they were approached by the woman.

The incident was captured on their livestream, which was later uploaded to their account on June 28. 

In the livestream, which spans over 14 hours, the woman can be heard – at the 12:28:30 mark – telling them that they’re not allowed to take a video there, before instructing them aggressively to “switch off that thing”. 

When the couple don't comply, the middle-aged woman steps closer and says: “Do you want me to kick your ass?”

She then kicks over two bags of food and drink on the ground before walking away, making a mess. 

Ms Mendoza then follows the woman and hits her in retaliation. “Why (did) you kick our food? You don’t act crazy,” she says.

Ms Mendoza then calls the police. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, the woman begins following Mr Kang around as he tries to walk away from her.

“We have this video clip to protect us in case she says we did something to her, like molest her,” Mr Kang says to his viewers.  

Suddenly – at the 12:38:39 mark – high-pitched screaming is heard. When the camera is panned back to the woman, she is sitting on the floor, with her shoes removed, and screaming, all while a passer-by is restraining her. Later on, she even begins humming and singing a song in Mandarin. 

At the 12:46:02 mark, a female police officer arrives and asks what happened.

The police told TNP they received a call for assistance at 100 North Buona Vista Road on June 28 at 10.58pm, and apprehended a 41-year-old woman under Section 7(1) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2008. 

Speaking to TNP, Ms Mendoza said the woman approached them out of the blue, and initially threatened to kick her husband. 

“I was so scared then,” she said, as she feared a fight would break out. 

She is grateful, however, that a passerby helped them. “The Malay lady (was) very kind, and helped us out of nowhere,” she said. 

Ms Mendoza said the food the woman had kicked over held special meaning for the family, who would often stream their lives on Twitch with their four-year-old son.

Their supper was a meal that their Twitch community had paid for partially, she said, and the milk tea was a special order that one of their viewers from Malaysia had ordered for them through a food delivery service. 

“We’re very sad, because this was a very meaningful meal to us.”

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