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6-legged spaniel puppy abandoned at Wales carpark

A six-legged female spaniel puppy abandoned in a supermarket carpark in Wales will be given a new lease of life after it was rescued by a passerby.

The 11-week-old dog was found in a carpark of B&M’s Pembroke Dock outlet in south-west Wales last week.

She was named Ariel after Disney’s The Little Mermaid after staff members at an animal clinic that was examining her likened her additional back legs, which are partially fused together, to a mermaid’s tail, reported BBC.

“The main good news is that internally she is normal. Her organs are all as they should be,” said a Facebook post by animal rescue centre Greenacres Rescue.

The post also reported a vet’s assessment that Ariel has two additional back legs and the beginnings of an additional vulva. Her pelvis has not formed properly due to the extra hip joint. 


💫 ARIEL UPDATE 💫 So little Ariel is home, the main good news is that internally she is normal, I was so relieved to...

Posted by Greenacres Rescue on Friday, September 29, 2023

The plan will be to let her settle down after her ordeal. In about a month, the vet will “reassess Ariel with the aim of removing the additional limbs and explore the function of her remaining leg”.

“There is a possibility she may lose one of her own legs due to the structure of the additional limbs and pelvis, but time will tell,” said Greenacres Rescue.

Ariel is expected to face a long road of surgery and recovery ahead, but Greenacres Rescue is confident it can “get her right”, and for now, “we can relax and just let her be a pup”. 

Greenacres Rescue also wrote that it is seeking information on where Ariel had come from.

The non-profit animal shelter has also organised fundraisers for Ariel.

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